Tuesday, April 4, 2023


Editorial review

Serv-U File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server is an on-premise collaboration solution by SolarWinds. The solution enables organizations to exchange files with trading partners. Key features include file management, user group creation and permissions management. Serv-U FTP offers a mobile device interface and web client to upload, view and download files. It also provides a drag-and-drop option to exchange files and create user groups. The solution allows users to send large files by using a built-in plug-in known as Web Client Pro. It also lets users send multiple files at once. Serv-U FTP enables organizations to define the number of maximum sessions on the server to avoid bandwidth throttling. It also helps with file transfer administration by enabling users to monitor sessions in real-time and view transfer statistics. Serv-U FTP is compatible with Windows, CentOS, Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE.