Thursday, April 13, 2023


Editorial review

Avast aswMBR is an antivirus scanning tool offered by Avast, the purpose of which is to find rootkits of the MBR/VBR/SRV type. Avast aswMBR is able to detect malware like TDL4/3(Alureon), ZAccess, MBRoot (Sinowall), Whistler, SST, Cidox, Pihar and many more threats for your PC. Avast aswMBR uses virtualization technology to improve stealth malware detection, provided your PC and its processor support hardware virtualization. aswMBR is a very fast, small, compact and ingenious Freeware Anti-Spyware for Windows PC. It is developed to be uncomplicated for newbies and powerful for experts. This app has special and fascinating features, unlike some other Anti-Spyware apps. aswMBR works with most Windows Operating System, including Windows (All Versions). Although there are numerous popular Anti-Spyware software, most people download and install the Freeware version.