Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Editorial review

Virtual Machine Player by VMware If you have a Windows or Linux computer and want to use a virtual machine, VMware Workstation Player is the way to go. Workstation Player is used in the business world to provide managed corporate desktops, and in the classroom, it is used for both teaching and learning purposes. The free version is only for non-commercial, non-public use at home. We hope that students and charitable groups would take advantage of this opportunity as well. VMware Player is a virtual machine that is installed on your computer to run a virtual PC on your physical PC machine. Have you ever wished to operate two or more operating systems simultaneously on your computer, without leaving a single one (without switching). Have you ever heard of or watched a computer having another virtual computer in a window, just like other application programs? Yes, there is some software that can connect two or more computers and share desktops like TeamViewer and others.