Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Editorial review

Do you find yourself frequently checking your phone while riding, mistaking unimportant notifications for urgent calls, and missing urgent calls? With S Bike mode enabled you will not be bothered by frequent (and open spam) calls and notifications while you are driving. S Bike mode helps you ride without anxiety and distraction by filtering all incoming calls and notifying you only about the urgent calls and not allowing you to use your device while driving. When S Bike mode is enabled all incoming calls will be answered automatically. An audio answering message in your chosen language will ask the callers to press 1 if their call is urgent. You will then only be notified about the urgent calls while you are driving. With its signature ringtone designed to stand out in noisy traffic conditions, you will never miss an urgent call again. Feel the constant urge to use your mobile device while driving? S Bike mode’s safety feature Motion lock will not allow you to use your device while you are driving. You must come to a complete halt to use your phone, and to receive urgent calls and view notifications. Ever experienced multiple incoming calls, while driving, from particular contacts who just want to know your time of arrival? Now, keep selected contacts notified of your time to arrival with the Smart reply feature. Customize the feature for a journey, enable it, enter your destination and select contacts to share your estimated journey time with. When any of the selected contacts try to call you, they will receive automatic text message with the time it will take you to reach your destination. Standard text message and mobile data charges will apply.