Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Editorial review

Say goodbye to relying on email and meetings. Share Chats (like instant messaging or texting), Posts (Facebook-style threaded, topic based conversations), and Files (any attachment) with groups or individuals. Openly or privately and always in context. All free, no restrictions. Join open or private group discussions that have been created by the organizer and private direct messaging with others in the organization. Share files and communicate instant message and/or email style through Chat and Posts. Browser, desktop and mobile. Have a consultant or customer you would like to be a part of your Ryver, but don’t want them to have access to your Open Forums and all of your Members? Invite them in as a Guest. Have a group you would like to communicate with privately? A Board of Directors for example, or the Finance Department? Create a Private Team and then invite just those people who need to participate. Ever have a hard time following a conversation in chat? In Ryver, you can choose the chats you wish were together and turn them into a threaded conversation. Create a Ryver Post from any gmail message (including all of the responses!) and then have a conversation about it inside Ryver.