Monday, January 3, 2022


Editorial review

myOpel is the official app for Opel owners; designed to enhance your Opel driving and owning experience. The app's features can be categorized as "Not Connected" and "Connected via Bluetooth" Unconnected Features A wealth of useful information at your fingertips, without the need to be connected. These features are available on most Opel models: Quick access to a glossary of the vehicle's dashboard lights. Manage multiple vehicles in your garage Watch “That’s How it Works” videos for infotainment and security systems. Identify the location of your parked vehicle to help you find it more easily in a busy parking lot. Share the location of your parked vehicle with your contacts. Find local dealers for you and register your preferred dealer for quick and easy contact. Contact Opel. Request service from your preferred dealer. Check out Opel news, events and offers designed for you. Update your infotainment system and factory navigation from your phone, using your phone's charging cable (selected infotainment systems).